To shedule an appointment for a Private Session
You can give me a call: 727-389-8986 ( leave me a message,make sure you let me know the location you will like to make an appt. and i will call you back ) or send me an e-mail



Orlando - May 26-27

Washington DC - July 5-6 with Muscle Fox

Philadelphia - July 7-8 with Muscle Fox

New Jersey - July 9-10 with Muscle Fox

New York City - July 11-12 with Muscle Fox

Boston - July 13-14 with Muscle Fox

Chicago - July 15-16 with Muscle Fox

Detroit - July 17-18 with Muscle Fox

** I will be traveling with Muscle Fox and we will available for double session, if you are interested and see this ad here please to avoid confusion just send request to me and not going back and fourth with Muscle fox and I.

** The pictures posted are recents and you can look for snapshots of recent clips in my websites,just scroll down to the bottom of the home page most recent always on top

Please send Text 727-389-8986 or leave me a message on voice mail .

"My Travels Plans are Regulary up-dated ,if you cant find yet your location and will like to know when i will be travling in your area ,or asking me questions about a session , could you please only e-mail me instead of calling .I will be happy to give you all infos you need to know by e-mail. "

" I only take phone calls for appointments ,if you will like just to talk or asking questions about how big and strong im , you can just e-mail or resquest a phone session



Tampa Florida: I am currently in Tampa and readily available for sessions.

Cell: 727-389-8986 OR e-mail me

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