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Looking for sponsors for exclusive video projects featuring female bodyuilders, physique competitors and other women of strength and flex appeal.

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"Looking for A Male Victim for Video Project"

Must be up for a little physical beating and have the ability to act. Please respond by August 16, 2016

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"Looking for A Film Student or Intern"

Need an assistant for camera work or edting using FCP and Adobe After Effects

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"Looking for Female Bodybuilders and Figure Competitors"

Video work availabe for female bodybuilders and figure competitors, pro and amateur. If you are in or near a city that I am traveling to, I would love to work with you. Please check here often fr my travel schedule. Guys, if you know of any ladies who are intersted in video work, please pass this information along to them. If that sound interesting please send me an e-mail at MissXtremeMuscle@gmail.com and I will give you all the details!

"Looking for Videographer"

Anyone who feels they have talent and own a panasonic HD camera, or DLSR Canon preferably ( I am familiar editing those files ) to shoot short video of other FBB's for Musclexposed.com This is not paid but I will offer free membership to my site and discount on session. This is an effort to expend the website and getting quick up-date.

If that sound interesting please send me an e-mail MissXtremeMuscle@gmail.com and I will give you all the details!


Backstage Tampa Pro

4 Days Before Tampa Pro

4 Days Before Tampa Pro

Backstage Tampa Pro

Backstage Tampa Pro

Video Participant needed for Lift/Carry with Colette, must not weigh over 170 lbs.

Check out my Latest Film School Project, fully written, directed and edited by myself - "Meat RX!"

Click here Click for here to see my school camera work



Pound for pound one of the MOST muscular, one of the seXXXiest and one of the strongest bodybuilders that has ever graced the stage, we take a look back at some Classic Colette.







Brigitta Brezovac from Slovakia join me for a strengh demonstration ,see our very muscular and strong body in action ,posing then comparing our strengh doing arm wrestling,lifts and carries ,fly squats, bicep curls using each others body for weight ! We are both very strong .

Here my own exclusive edtion of the orginial Awefilm footage videotaped in South Beach . In this Amzing Video , see Sexy Brazilan Larissa anticipating as she watch me torturing Frank . Soon her evil dream will come to reality . lots of sissors , muscle worship,pecs and biceps puncghing a coktail of power & beauty . Music by " Tyske Ludder


(by the Cohen Brothers)
See sexy Colette at 5'-1", 170#s of thick steelhard powerful muscle, both topless and bottomless, as she flexes all of her unbelievable muscle for you. See her punch her mighty pecs and bulging biceps. Watch her bend up heavy steel bars into pretzels, with her powerful muscles. A must video for your visual excitement.


In this New Hot Video see me walking my dog at the park, drving my car ,then doing a session of muscles worship, strengh demonstration,sissors domination & sexy posing,lots of legs close up ! Legs Lover a must to be seen


Sexy Topless Steel bending and Muscles Flexing !

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After my first year of training I did my first show in 1988 and was immediately addicted even after taking only 4th place. I was small, only 110lbs. Next year I won the Montreal '89 Championship at 114lbs..
I kept improving until 1995, and won many other shows. I was on my way to finally to make my ultimate dream a reality, competing in the Miss O. But an accident stopped me from competing. in the 1997, it could have been Fatal.

Doctors could not believe how fast I was recuperating and that I actually survived. After nine (9) surgeries I am bigger and harder than ever.

I was told that I had amazing potential in competition I chose not to compete because i did not want to deal missing muscles on my left shoulder due to the surgery .I felt that would prevent me for winning. For me it was a great loss that was difficult to accept .

But in 2005 I was on stage again and did manage to get my pro card! I'm Glad because I've beat the odds! "never give up " There always be something great for you waiting there ! I won the heavyweight class at the Canadians . Look here for pictures!

Now over the past 5 years, as you can see from my photos, I was able to keep on improving.



Montreal, Canada
5'1" (155cm)
170-175 lbs (77kg)
18" (46 cm)
28 " (66,5cm)
18 " (46cm)
French, English 



MOST RECENT UPDATE - Ever wonder how strong Colette is? Is she stronger than you? Let's rep and find out, she'll go first. 1000 lbs leg presses and 360 lbs squats. Ready...you count!

PRIOR UPDATE - Thick, powerful and sexy, Ann Strong can outlift any of you. Check it out and see for yourself!

PRIOR UPDATE - She's large and in charge and when she flexes, Colette will definitely make your engine rev. Watch as she works her 18 inch arms and get's all her pistons pumping. This muscle babe is running at 420 Horsepower.

PRIOR UPDATE - Want proof that Colette is one of the pound for pound strongest women in the world? How about an 1100 lbs leg press for 15 reps? That's nearly 7 times her bodyweight.

PRIOR UPDATE - When these 2 massively muscle IFBB Pro's get together, there's no telling what's going to happen. When it comes to huge arms and thick pecs, no one is packing like ALeesha and Colette.

PRIOR UPDATE - IFBB Pro Aleesha Young joins Colette for a little impromptu dumbbell curling and flexing. These 2 sexy massive women are truly a sight to behold. These 2 are large and in charge with absolutely enormous 18 inch biceps and pecs that are to die for.

PRIOR UPDATE - IFBB Pro Aleesha Young is absolutely jacked! She is H-U-G-E with thick legs, enormous arms, gigantic delts and a back the width of a Boeing 767. What's not to love about this strong, BEAUTIFUL Woman?

PRIOR UPDATE - You keep coming back because you KNOW that Colette has one of the most insane physiques in women's bodybuilding. At only 5'1 she has proportions that dwarf much taller women, 18" biceps, thick, huge quads and calves, and rock hard cannonball glutes. But what may be most impressive, cold or pumped, is her FREAKY pecs!

PRIOR UPDATE - More old school meets new school as IFBB Pro's Colette and Aleesha continue tormenting you with preacher curls. Watch their 18 inch biceps grow with each rep.

PRIOR UPDATE - Old school meets new school as Colette joins forces to train massive biceps with one of the newest IFBB Pro's Aleesha Young. If you love thick, powerful muscle, you're going to fall in love with both of these ladies.

PRIOR UPDATE - I may only be 5' 1, but I'm packed full of thick hard muscles. You may have noticed my biceps that measure out at 18"....that may very well be the reason you've fallen in love with me.....my big, thick Powerful Arms!

PRIOR UPDATE - IFBB Pro Aleesha is big, bad and sexy. With a simple look or the slightest flex of her muscles, she can MAKE YOU BEG for more!

PRIOR UPDATE - We all agree that Irene Anderson is truly an amazingly sexy and beautfiul woman. Now let's take a moment and admire her extremely W I D E back and narrow waist. DAMN!

PRIOR UPDATE - She's strong, sensual and sexy....when Irene Anderson is in town I just have to do a video shoot with her. Today let's capture those amazing biceps and watch them flex!

PRIOR UPDATE - How did Colette build her 18 inch biceps? Easy...heavy, HEAVY weights and tons of reps. How heavy you ask....how about 110 lbs preacher curls and 50 lbs hammer curls? Can you keep up?

PRIOR UPDATE - How did I get my physique to be so thick and heavily muscled? HEAVY REPPING baby. Check out a little of my leg workout and see just how heavy I can rep!

PRIOR UPDATE - Ever wonder how I got my back so thick and wide? Check this out....I'll show you!

PRIOR UPDATE - Strong, muscular and sexy...Janeen Lankowski is truly classic.

PRIOR UPDATE - They're thick, they're powerful and they ripple as I flex them....they are my Prestigious Pecs!

PRIOR UPDATE - Many of you love my arms and my pecs...but I know there are quite a few quad and glute guys out there....thank you...I work them hard and am glad that you appreciate them. So in appreciation, heres a little peak and my squats...and yes...3 plates on a side...those are EASY squats!

PRIOR UPDATE - I just love the way it feels when my muscles get pumped as I lift, especially my arms. There's nothing quite like the feel of my biceps swelling as I curl, the burn that I get with each rep....as my biceps balloon up to a massive 18 inches.

PRIOR UPDATE - From the tips of her toes....along her thick, muscular, ripped quads.....to her peaked, massive biceps....Juanita Blaino exudes, class, style, beauty and desire.

PRIOR UPDATE - She's beautiful, sexy, strong and muscular....always a fan favorite.....Janeen Lankowski!

PRIOR UPDATE - Klaudia is one of the sexiest women on the planet....from head to toe she is every man's fantasy....her legs are simply amazing..so let's focus on them!

PRIOR UPDATE - I know that you love muscle...why else would you be here? But I also know what truly drives you insane.....and that's my POWER!!! You have to admit..my POWER IS SEXY!

PRIOR UPDATE - Even though I'm probably most known for the size, thickness and strength of my pecs, there's one other bodypart that you just can't deny......my Mighty Biceps! How big are they? Bigger than yours I imagine. Why don't you come measure them some day? But for now, just enjoy this video!

PRIOR UPDATE - If watching my leg press feat wasn't EXTREME enough for you, how about a machine bench with 3 plates per side for reps? Yes 3 plates...that's a total of 270 lbs plus the machine weight so roughly a little over 300 lbs. Now you know why my pecs are so THICK!

PRIOR UPDATE - When it comes to muscle...most say I'm EXTREME.....and when it comes to strength, you might say I'm EXTREME as well. Watch me leg press 680 lbs for 50 reps!

PRIOR UPDATE - IFBB Pro Laneen Lankowski is big, thick, strong and sexy. She shares a little of her pre-contest workout in absolutely shredded conditioning!

PRIOR UPDATE - IFBB Pro Aleesha Young is large and in charge... she's got tons of sexy muscle and loves to flex it!

MOST RECENT UPDATE - While the rest of the world sleeps, I TRAIN! Yes, even at 2am, it's not unusual to find me in the gym, heavy dumbbells in hand, repping out my thick, muscular pecs. Wish you were here to worship them!!

PRIOR UPDATE - Waiting on some of my muscular girl friends to show up, I decided to kill a little time playing with my video editing software and came up with this cute little clips. Enjoy!

PRIOR UPDATE - Back by popular demand, see what a day with Nancy would be like.

PRIOR UPDATE - Exclusive footage of Brigitta Brezovac the Queen from Slovenia return in Car Wash 2. Tanned & Ripped , powerful and beautiful as ever.

PRIOR UPDATE - 32 Pictures of the amazingly gorgeous Brigita Brezovac

PRIOR UPDATE - Kashma and Colette showing you how 2 hard, sexy women do back!

PRIOR UPDATE - Big thick lats on my 5'1 165lb frame. Grab a hold of these and hang on for one hell of a ride.

PRIOR UPDATE - Great biceps and calves shots , in the gym bathroom before i starred my back workout .

PRIOR UPDATE - Me and Kashma with our HardCore Muscles. Impressive!
PRIOR UPDATE - Thick, hard, lean muscle...thats what you love. You think its striking, stunning, grand, impressive, shocking and "Impressionante"!
PRIOR UPDATE - I am thick, I am muscular, I am hard, I am powerful, I am lean, I am vascular, I AM INCOMPARABLE!
PRIOR UPDATE - 30 solid reps with 200 lbs....and you wonder why Im so thick, muscular and rock hard? Now you know!
PRIOR UPDATE - You know that I am packed with big, thick, HARD muscle. And because of all the muscle....I'M DAMN STRONG!
PRIOR UPDATE - I spend hours doing cardio to keep my thick, muscular legs as hard and as lean as they are. Enjoy my legs flexing and rippling with every step!
PRIOR UPDATE - The Caribbean Muscle Queen Kashma continues to have engine trouble. I bet this sexy muscle Goddess can get your motor running!
PRIOR UPDATE - The Caribbean Muscle Queen Kashma will have your engine overheating as she checks under the hood. Check it out as she she shows how much horsepower her muscles have!
PRIOR UPDATE - Sexy & Beautiful Klaudia Larson Flex her " Killers Biceps " for the Camera listening to her favorite song " Crystal by New Orders "
PRIOR UPDATE - Part 2 - Caribbean Queen Kashma Maharaj shares her incredibly thick physique with us, with a little posing and flexing! Enjoy !
PRIOR UPDATE - Caribbean Queen Kashma Maharaj shares her incredibly thick physique with us, with a little posing and flexing! Enjoy !
PRIOR UPDATE - Behind The Scenes Little Dom Guy part 1 . While video was getting shot by Cheryl , i placed my camera on a tripod I edited a did a mix of both video for more angles so my fans get to see a different version . As always i am Thick and Ripped of pure Power Enjoy Great view & turn on volume . Enjoy !
PRIOR UPDATE - 5 min of footage that was shot during a Sisscors Session while i was in Paris last August this year . Great view & turn on volume . Enjoy !
PRIOR UPDATE - Thick, hard, vascular legs...as thick as tree trunks....watch as I flex them for you!
PRIOR UPDATE - 5' 1 and 165 lbs of thick, rock hard Muscle Angel, posing just for you! . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - Muscle Angels Big Thick Muscle Show... watch me flex and pose just for You! Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - Muscle Angels Leg Show...check out my massive quads, hamstrings and calves in seductive motion! Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - 20 reps with 900 lbs on the leg press! Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - Heavy curls with plenty of pec and bicep posing...in your face! Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - Enjoy my friend Kashma & I lift and cary and body push up and more ! Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - Strength Demonstration combined with hardcore workout and Sexy muscle worship , lift and arms wrestling in a session Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - 6 Min of " Play Time " of my very pretty & muscular friend the only Kashma and my self . A combination of 2 clips shot by Ironbelles at my house last week . Posing & Wrestling . I edited my stylish very exclusive version . Carefully selected the best shots following the beat of music of the song " Free Dio Radio Re-Mix " ( i work on this clip from 2pm till 3:30am ) This is more then just filling up content ! . . . Guys make sure you turn on the volume for a better experience . Enjoy . . .
PRIOR UPDATE - Carlos gets the lift & carry session of a lifetime!
PRIORUPDATE - Up close and personal, see my massive muscles flexing and posing, in your face!
PRIOR UPDATE - Awesome pump up of my Massive Ripped Biceps with thick Pectoral displayed!
PRIOR UPDATE - Another super video of the Great Nancy Lewis beautiful and massive physique .
PRIOR UPDATE - Working my lower half, building a beautiful tight butt!
PRIOR UPDATE - Self Portrait - Looking Into Muscle
PRIOR UPDATE - Extremely Muscular Nancy Lewis is doing countless Push Up wearing a tiny red bikini on my dinning room table then she proudly show off her thick pecs .
PRIOR UPDATE - 6 hardcore minutes of Strictly Huge Arms . Excessive reps whit Ez-preacher curls & big pumped arms 1 week after contest . I am ripped . Enjoy the 3 different camera angles all meticulously edited for your pleasure.
PRIOR UPDATE - Working my thick freaky lats - Enjoy!!
PRIOR UPDATE - All Pecs Clip from Gym - Enjoy!!
PRIOR UPDATE - Ripped Hardcore Colette's Muscle in action - Enjoy!!!
PRIOR UPDATE - Intramuscular Cardio: 8 week before the Tampa Pro selfshot footage at the gym doing cardio showing off my best body parts . Enjoy!!!
MOST RECENT UPDATE - See my friend Miss Diva in her fabulous contest shape getting massage by a very lucky physical therapist. He admitted that he could not control he's instinct and had to terminate the session fearing for he's practice license.
PRIOR UPDATE - Nancy lounges around her crib and flexes her HUGE muscles just for you!
PRIOR UPDATE - Hardcore at it's best. As big as it can be. Watch my Freaking Muscle in action.
PRIOR UPDATE - Apples are no match for Nancy's vise-grip hands and thick powerful pecs! Think applesauce!
PRIOR UPDATE - Nancy Lewis has really big pecs . . Can you hold a soda can on your pecs ? see her do and flexing!
PRIOR UPDATE - Pec''s Ride to Walmart " Jump in and come along for a ride ! watch my big pecs as i am driving and follow me strolling around shopping at Walmart :)
PRIOR UPDATE - Debbie Bramwell IFBB Pro, just after the Tampa Pro Show Aug 11, 2012. She has one of the best Biceps peak I have ever seen and she is very sexy. This video is part 2 of 2.
PRIOR UPDATE - IFBB pro Brigita Brezovac show off her superb shoulder 2 days after her win at the Tampa Pro Show 2008 she is ripped !
PRIOR UPDATE - Debbie Bramwell IFBB Pro, just competed at the Tampa Pro Show Aug 11, 2012. She has one of the best Biceps peak I have ever seen and she is very sexy. This video is part 1, part 2 will be coming next week. Enjoy!
PRIOR UPDATE - Showing off pecs back stage at the Tampa Pro Aug 11, 2012
PRIOR UPDATE - Unedited phone camera footage of Colette & Maryse meeting up Sunday after the Contest showing off to each other very muscular body.
PRIOR UPDATE - Tazzie is Smoking HOT! by Sylvain Denis.
PRIOR UPDATE - Tazzie Up Close at the 2012 Chicago Pro-Am by Sylvain Denis.
PRIOR UPDATE - My seXXXy friend Tazzie at the 2012 Chicago Pro-Am by Sylvain Denis.
PRIOR UPDATE - A dark, damp night, but plenty of muscle showing off my huge thick quads, enormous pecs, and rock hard, muscular glutes.
PRIOR UPDATE - Catching up on old times with my diet coach Lynne. She thoroughly examines every inch of my thick muscular physique!


PRIOR UPDATE - Sexy Webcam Show showing off Upper Body!
PRIOR UPDATE - Super Calves Extra Footage: MORE of my 17inch calves at 13 week out from my contest they are ripped and rock hard!
PRIOR UPDATE - Super Calves : View in the clip Colette Doing flexing and training her 17inch calves at 13 week out Contest .
PRIOR UPDATE - Knock Outch part 3 : in this clip experience a brutal abuse , foot tremplin , face slapping to male victim . All Real no faking .

PRIOR UPDATE - Gym footage shot from my I-phone . Watch me doing heavy db's press using the 110's and 120's . I never done so much before ! so i guess i am getting stronger and bigger ! see for your self as i am flexing my chest afterward and holding a soda can on top of my left pec !

PRIOR UPDATE - Knock Outch part 2 see following of vicious belly punching and scissors punishment to unknown male victim .

PRIOR UPDATE - Knock Ouch part 1 : see how a Painful punishment is done .

PRIOR UPDATE - Car Push Colette is pushing a big car , showing strength and her big calve muscles

PRIOR UPDATE - Hot Tub N Muscles

PRIOR UPDATE- My amazing Calves!!

PRIOR UPDATE - Hardcore Gym footage unseen from 2006-2007 . Was ripped . . but i am bigger now new video coming for next week . . . Happy Holidays !

PRIOR UPDATE - My massive Bulky pectorals development that would make Male Bodybuilder Envious . Im 170 lbs

PRIOR UPDATE - Mix of Sexy Posing , wearing nice tight dress and Zebra heels lots of back flexing, some Legs , upper body and One Arms DB row using 80 lbs training at the gym .Great Combination of Sexy Fem and hardcore training .


MOST RECENT UPDATE - Alina Popa Posing Routine : video clip 3:50 min In this video the very beautiful , very muscular 5th Place Miss Olympia IFBB pro Alina Popa posing routine in a very exclusive artistic style . A very different approach for a Posing Routine , an interesting video concept i will use for future other FBB's posing routine . Take note that shoot took place the next day of the Miss O Alina is ripped in her contest shape ! She look so beautiful . I worked really hard to put that video together for you to enjoy .

PRIOR UPDATE - " Colette Got Control " 1280x720HD video clip : 10 plates Leg Press , Papaya Crushed between 17 inch Calves and your favorite Pectoral Flex .

PRIOR UPDATE - " Everything She Want " Very sexy Video of Canada Toronto Pro Show 2011 winner IFBB Pro Brigita Brezovac pose and strip down to her tiny bikini in Downtown Los Angeles on 4th of July . This is the first part of a series of awesome up-coming clips .

PRIOR UPDATE - Impressive Pecs

PRIOR UPDATE - Big Gun Gym Workout

PRIOR UPDATE - Strictly Pecs and Bi's

PRIOR UPDATE - Picture Video

PRIOR UPDATE - See Colette 165 lbs performing up to 305 lbs Incline Bench on the Smith Machine at Gold's gym venice and doing more reps then her training partner Shawn 205 lbs .

PRIOR UPDATE - See Colette doing countless reps on the Hammer Strength Lat Pull down with 275 lbs , then after she is posing her massive back for the camera

PRIOR UPDATE - " Colette VS Shawm " 8:14 min. 1280 X 720 HD video clip See me clearly out lifting this 195 lbs BB of 29 years old during a recent " Heavy Hack Squat Workout " see how much whit ease i did and see how much of a struggle it was for him in trying to keep up whit me .. We performed 4 sets staring whit 180 up to 450 lbs . After watching this video i feel it was to easy for me , next time i will do more .

PRIOR UPDATE - Video Clip of Me warming up before my Heavy Lifting Session in the Gym.

PRIOR UPDATE - Video Clip of Me doing Shoulder Press in Golds Gym Venice, CA.. I am working very hard and see me all pumped up!!

PRIOR UPDATE - 8 min video clip ( HD ) featuring Muscular & Sexy Monica Martin in " She's a Model and sh'es Looking Good " ( Kraftwerk song The Model ) Follow " eye popping " Monica walking to the pool and the beach at the Beautiful Ritz Carlton Clubhouse in Sarasota FL . I have been working the whole week to edit that clip :) hope you will enjoy it . Do not forget to turn on the volume the song i used really adding quality to the clip .

PRIOR UPDATE - Two powerful icons in the Bodybuilding Community - Colette Guimond and Germany's Bombshell Christa Bauch - have reunited after 20 years for a glass of wine and some down time together in Colette's home for some relaxation, posing and fun stuff. All shot in HD.

PRIOR UPDATE - Big and Strong in the Gym

PRIOR UPDATE - " Car Wash " 5 min video clip whit sexy IFBB pro Brigita Brezovac in contest shape ( few days after her recent win at the Tampa Pro Show ) washing a car at a Self Serve Car Wash in New Port Richey FL on wearing a tiny silver bikini , needles to say that it draw lots of attention from passing car :) ( i do not know how to say the place where where we can wash our car by hand ) Edited whit the song " Car Wash " by " Rose Royce "

PRIOR UPDATE - Flexing at it's best right after pumping iron . Long clip of selected impressive body shot all put together whit music

PRIOR UPDATE - Heavy Lift & Hardcore Muscle Beauty . Watch me legs press 900 lbs and squat 405 lbs . See the veins in my forearms , my thick quads and abb

PRIOR UPDATE - 5 min video clip : Massive and bigger as ever : Pecs and Biceps walk

PRIOR UPDATE - 5 min clip " I am proud to introduce you to " Brigita Brezovac " a new IFBB Pro. She recently won her first 2 pro show last month . To prepare for the her contest she stayed at my house in Tampa and i shoot beautiful footage of her at the beach . She look awesome as she is very muscular , ripped and has perfect symmetry . More of Brigita to come in a Super Sexy car wash video where it attracted many curious local driving by just to get a good peek of the Sexy Muscular Blonde wearing a Tiny bikini washing my car :) Stay put for next up-date . I want to apologize to all my member for the lack of up-dates time to time , i am in the process of getting education to produce better video for the future and more up-dates , also i want to Thank You all for your great support and patience .

PRIOR UPDATE - Scary Lat Pull down with 110 lbs for 33 reps . 5 min of Hardcore upper body video with sound and music

PRIOR UPDATE - Video shot with HD Hi Quality video camera ( Panasonic HPX-170 ) 4 1/2 min clip . Edited with artistic taste , hardcore legs destruction, full squats with 350 lbs for 2 set of countless repetitions . See the pain in my face , hear the grunt , the heavy weights to the sound of " Adrelanalin " by German group Eisbrecher .
PRIOR UPDATE - Hardcore Back Workout : Doing many reps with heavy weight on the T-bar row . Hearexhaustion growl and heavy weight poundage crashing to the beat of industrial German music . Turn on the volume .
PRIOR UPDATE - 5:30 min HD Video clip - Watch Colette doing over 30 reps whit 80 lbs DB's flat bench .Various camera angles showing action . Hear the sound of heavy poundage to the beat of music . Experience the sight of an intense pump in a side chest pose .
May 7, 2010 -Colossal Pecs and Calves! Sorry I havent been updating for a while - I have an 8min. clips especially for you because of this! Enjoy . . .
April 22, 2010 -Big Strong and Ilegal!
March 24, 2010 -Here I am in Italy Training very Hard and Pumping up my Arms!
March 10, 2010 -Workout a sweat watching Colette doing reps whit 160 >> lbs EZ curls and then experience the explosive pump of her arms >> while she is showing it all off !
February 21, 2010 -Here I am in the gym training and posing . . .Big lift , Big muscle Big Girl . See me performing heavy lifts using lots of weight and then showing off what i got !
February 7, 2010 - I did 300 lbs Squat , I did so many reps that I have lost count ! Then I flex my legs all pumped after this long set, as exhausting for the viewer to watch ! Various camera angles and edited with the music .
January 29, 2010 Here I am in my backyard squeezing grapefruit with my bare hands!
January 11, 2010 Happy New Year! My Big Guns in the Gyn!
January 4, 2010 Happy New Year! I Still Got Muscle Control!
December 13, 2009 Here I am Back In my Florida Home - I am still very big and muscular and now more relaxed.
November 30, 2009 Watch Me as I Go to the gym and train my legs hard - See me pose in my car also.
November 10, 2009 View my Hardcore Triceps over head extensions doing 135 lbs Ez-Bar for 17 reps . Can you beat that?
October 31, 2009 Watch Me Train My Powerful Legs and Pecs in the Gym and then pose for you!
October 22, 2009 Watch Me Pose My Powerful Legs and and Arms in a 12 minute video clip!
October 16, 2009 "My Powerful Biceps and Pecs Showing Off!
October 9, 2009 "Relaxing At Home
September 20, 2009 "Crissie and Me in The Gym"
This clip features Krissie doing one arm Dumb Bell rows with 100 lbs and also doing legs curls with 160lbs and myself doing legs curls with 180lbs . .
August 21, 2009 "PecMountains"
These aren't just normal pecs. These pecs are mountains of huge pec muscle! Gigantic muscles all over your computerscreen. Pec Flexgin, Pec Dancing. This is the the ultimate for pec lovers. Sometimes the muscle pops out so extremely, that you just can't believe such huge pec muscles can really exist! More than 4 minutes of pecmania on high def.
August 10, 2009 "Benchpress"
Here I am. Almost 6 minutes of hardcore pumping in High Quality! Pumping huge amounts of weights for my huge pecs and arms. You will love it! Seeing me from every angle! I am on the Incline Hammer Machine, using threee huge 45 lbs weights on each side. And you'll also see me press 75 lbs dumbells with great ease! FOr the lovers of huge, strong and ripped muscle!
July 20, 2009 "BMW Biceps"
I like to show off my biceps because I know they are the best! 19inch of pure female power and I flex them for you in my BMW!
July 15, 2009 "On The Floor"
On the floor...Looking up at me and my huge muscles. It's the best place to be for you. You will love seeing how huge and strong I am. All up close!
July 5, 2009 "Swissball"
After this videoclip, you will look at the swishballs in the gym very differently! You'll bethinking about me, posing and flexing all over the place on that swishball. Big ripped thighs, glutes, calves. Be amazed!
June 23, 2009 "With Colette"
This is how life with me is! You see it all! The car, the gym, my house, private moments. More than 9 minutes of great muscle stuff!
Jun 8, 2009 "BeautyOfSteel: Upperbody"
Here are some more parts of my video "BeautyOfSteel"...Now you get to see my huge pecs all over the place! Enjoy!
May 31, 2009 "BeautyOfSteel: Legs"
Here are some parts of my video "BeautyOfSteel"...This clip is mainly about my legs and they are ripped...Huge...Strong...Dangerous killer legs that could crush you in a sec!
May 20, 2009 "Gymming"
Me in the gym...Pumping my pecs with big weights!...I am just getting stronger and stronger day by day!
May 12, 2009 "Bed Time"
On my bed I can wrestle you. Squeeze you. You would see my muscle up close. Huge. Ripped. Imagine being here with me. Would you be able to take it?
May 2, 2009 "Pec Madness"
For the true pec lover things can't get better then this! See my huge pecs up close. Gigantic muscles, like in your wildest dreams only. But this is reality. This is me! This is my Pec Madness!
April 23, 2009 "Mountains Of Muscle"
I am big. No, I am huge! Especially from the angles in this clip. My muscles look like huge mountains, exploding with huge power all over you. As if it's been seen from the eyes from something tiny, looking up to a giant musclegoddess. But from whose eyes are we seeing this all? You will see at the end of the clip!
April 16, 2009 "FeelTheVibe"
Huge strong arms and pecs! Here you can see exactly how I get them bigger and bigger day by day! By the way: I made the music for this clip!
*note: there was a wrong version of the clip online yesterday; it missed the footage of my huge, massive, strong legs at the end of the clip! So download it again, if you downloaded it on april the 16th!!!

April 06, 2009 "Arms & Pecs"
The Bigger, The Better as we enjoy them.

March 24, 2009 "G-string Legs Curls"
See new footage taken at my new place in LA ,im stripping to my my G-string ,pose and walk ! ( Sorry for the gap ,i was unable to up-date during that time Thank You for your patience )

March 5, 2009 "Belle,and Dangerous"
Arm wrestling,lift & carries and hardcore gym posing !

February 28 , 2009 "Power Girl VS The Guys"
See How i make those guys like wimp's in a chest workout . I did 10 reps bench whit 245 and i am 165 lbs they weight from 200-220lbs and well ,of course do not match my Strength !and see how everyones in the gym looking skinny comparing to me (LOL)( see video ) Do not forget to turn on your speakers to hear my comments . It is a very cool clip :) (I did everything from video ,music ,voice over and editing ! ( soon i wil be able to provide my members whit top quality video . )

February 24 , 2009 "V-12"
View what i can do whit my Powerful Legs, Heavy set of Hacksquat for 10 reps ,pushing and pulling s Hummer ! see it to beleive it .

February 17 , 2009 "Power Girl VS The Guys"
See How i make those guys like wimp's in a chest workout training session . Do not forget to turn on your speakers to hear my comments . It is a very cool clip :) (I did everything from video ,music ,voice over and editing ! ( soon i wil be able to provide my members whit top quality video . )

February 7 , 2009 "Keep Punching"
7 min of raw punching , kicking on the punching bag, see how i have agressed a "grapefruit "( Do not worrie it come from by back yard )! What ever you wish it was you or not this clip wont let you indiferent :)

January 31 , 2009 "Crushing Cans"
see how I destroy a Red B arms and pecs ! Sound Track : NIN God_Given_Remix_2 by Me

January 25 , 2009 "Crushing The Apple part 2"
Second part of a serie of exciting new footage. In this video see Colette holding apple on her upper left Pec,and of course moore Crushing " Sound Track : NIN God_Given_Remix by Colette

January 17 , 2009 "Crushing The Apple part 1"
First part of a serie of exciting new footage. In this video see Colette crushing apples whit her Huge Biceps " Sound Track : NIN God_Given_Remix by Colette ( Next clip will be added shortly )

January 7 , 2009 "Jana and Colette play whit their Boy Toys"
from an exclusive side footage from Awefilms video produced at my house after the Tampa Pro show . See 2 of the most muscular Fbb's playing whit 2 smal guys "

December 26, 2008 "Killing The Gym"
More impressive gym clips. See how I got thoses powerful inner tights. Expect to see veins!





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